What chefs appreciate most about British Spring time, is the abundance of fresh produce available to them. It’s got to be a particularly exciting season. This month we’re seeing a collaboration of outstanding new flavours and fine ingredients being introduced to our Menus.

Head Chef, Graham and his talented kitchen brigade are in their element as British crops flourish and come to life. Just look at these beautiful dishes above…we’ve got the stunning Smoked Trout Rillette, Buffalo Mozzarella, Jersey Royals, Apple & Coriander Salad. There’s the Carpaccio of Beef, Quails Eggs, Pickles, Crispy Capers, Tarragon & Rocket. Both starers are gluten free too. Off our main menu is this stunning Courgette, Ricotta & Raisin Cannelloni, Courgette Flower, Tomato & Basil.